Call Out the Marines!

920x920Shaving these maggots and draining the swamp;

Americans want these real scum to be punished. Comey and Lynch, Hillary and Obama.

The democrats suck.

Bring back the freedom of upright people and bring back the freedoms of men to be men. Across America, in every town USA. I approve of fathers the family heads of nuclear families to form and muster into form, MILITIA.

Militia,s do carry arms but not all militia units must be armed or armed with gun fire weapons. Men can form up units to train one another, and be local more or less Red Berets Guardian Angel like.

Police and Military would be welcomed but not mandatory. Simply men with wives and children and at least children about protecting them and theirs. Their allies in that same goal.


Men have a hormone that makes them want to fight and to fuck and it drives them to work hard.

Women have a hormone that makes them want sit and lie down, that makes them emotional and bloated and sore.

Women have always serviced the children from pre-ape days. Women are the keepers of the cave men are the warriors of the field.

Men require discipline, women do not need men telling them what to do in general or fusing over their women. Men need to be about men and making men be men. If the men account for the men, the women have peace.

I would set about 1/2 of America’s men in the Service. many would be reservists I would make men age 13 but women want their little boys so 18 is acceptable though I do want laws to allow men of higher standards to train younger.

I do not let free handicap men, if they can answer a phone, or write a note, they are useful as well, it is our Military, Our American Men.

American men just need to learn how to shave again. We need to learn to keep our barbers in place. We should have 76 men to barber 900 men and with 4 men over 20 we be about barbering in our local brig boot legion local lock down.

I mean all men in America should be active in A Militia Mans Barbershop, women being serviced by their own, we are about cleanup and reform in us Men.

I would be satisfied to give 100 a month to lay and risk my own nuts in boot camp or don a shock jock and see if I am not one of the majority that are random selected for release and return to the Pleasantville Mainstream but am 1 in 100 of 1000 that has a year term before another drawing might free them and are part of the second lot of men drawing 80 over 20 in Brig Boot and Boxers Barber the boys The whole community of all 1000 is observant and overseeing in voting and suggestive impute and we keep All American Men Clean Cut and Clean Shaved Squared Away and On Sharp Edge.

I am also for in and out. Hey, if you catch a man out doing really bad, it is best to lest a top gun in man out and switch their barbers. Send the dead beat dad to switch out the local judge, a woman says. I agree.

The militia should have authority over its own. Laws must be mandated to allow us to discipline us. The prevention of this is criminal on the part of the interference and I urge all out laws to prevent it and protect the men.

Frankly it is the Women who cry out against men being men. Are against barbershops and man caves of men about being more many, stronger, more commanding and dominating in all areas.

Their extreme ability to endure the male hormone better than women is well noted xy vs xx. Women do not understand why men desire to be about and with fellows that they punch or get punched by, why is simplistic on war. In war if the men are all tougher and less shocked by abuse, they win.

I suppose little jock straps could be made to show the proper outfitting of a man doll for boxing, big padded family jewels protection always. Little girls should be off to finishing schools and luncheons, libraries and zoos. Being a man I am against disobedience to God and so I am against wearing anything at all that is about a woman.    I am American and we shave that shit off. No long hair hippies, no muslim islam sicko or limp wrist needing whiner liberals, all the womanly and weak must be shaved off, cleanest, closest, and of course, most correctional.

American Men love Discipline. It sets us apart from Goat sex organ violating muhammadians ; not our style.

All that sodomy is also not any less evil. Homosexual men should be reformed I think. If nt at the least to go in their closet and shut up and pray. I am not for slaying them, they are just men astray and tangled in the spirits of the souls of the dead microscopic organisms of the gut and poo poo industries. Scat is evil and I think it ought to be belt strapped. Upright men will always fight it, vile and loathsome sodomy.

Men cannot be permitted to go unchallenged us American men figure. Men that are just boys and have the mouths and actions and manners of slut girls need serous reform.

I am in favor of segregation of sexes male and female in schools, military, barbershops, militias,police forces,firefighters, EMT and other where appropriate because Men shall be Free and Repression of men has a ill effect on society.

We are against NON GENDERIZATION and demand no Pat Terns flying near ours. So if you do not what to be a man or woman by the flesh you possess in the genetic material it is, and or if in rare cases the sex is alien and undefined so you choose a sex and stay with it; well such people are not acceptable to be a reason we cannot favor our differencing them and traditional setting of them in and about our own people. normal sexers.


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Meth Girls United

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“They ought to be sitting in jail for committing fraud upon the court”

via It BEGINS: GOP lawmaker calls for Comey, McCabe, others TIED to FISA memo abuse to be JAILED for ‘FISA court fraud’ —

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Fascists of the Left

Nancy Pelosi, Feinstein, Comey, Harris, Brown, Clintons, Obamas, liberals wanting to feminize men, masculinize women, Schumer, Schumer Rats, Democrats, Demon Craps, Open Borders, zero military, all welfare, bribe taking, criminal FISA abusing, ever losing any way, promoting totalitarian power for gays, transsexuals, lesbians and gender benders who seek to force non gender benders to lie and accept them as what they are not, want them to ignore XY and XX difference and address them as the opposite of what they are.

  I refuse. I will not respect any sex change persons false sex label, screw that.

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#MAGA! Trump FIRST prez in 50 years to decrease DEBT-to-GDP ratio — The National Sentinel

The figure matters because the higher the ratio, the less healthy a nation’s economy

via #MAGA! Trump FIRST prez in 50 years to decrease DEBT-to-GDP ratio — The National Sentinel

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Go Go All American

Barbershop rules

I would like to see us Americans return to the custom of pistol pace duels of honor between males. Lawsuits are time consuming and boring.


America is the BarberShop of The World. We are the ones that spice up the Jew and set Israel in her City the Capitol Jerusalem,


We do so as Super Men, we are the Top and we endorse the less evil and bias the more evil. I am for sales wit Israel to be a means for trade to the west.

The West is for the King of The Jews aka Jesus, Jehoshua, Yahweh, the man from Mary the Virgin that Joseph the Upright did marry. The same the Romans set as King on Slaying him who rose in white light and increasing glory and is with God in Heaven about beyond.

We are under God, that man,s God, the God of Moses and Abraham, we are not pagans but Christian and Jew, we detest all others. As Americans we are for moderation and allow less desired claimed haiths unless they break laws and are adverse on us. Moderation is the call of Jesus so we strive to be so.

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Delusional People


Today we will hear the SOTU address, I pray it is benevolent to the American People and especially the Christian side.

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Jobs and Education

Oriental races according to a black woman complaining for blacks being biased against says they are the highest employed in racial percentage, than whites and hispanics.

She fails to note the Oriental people teach respect of elders, educational advancing and community functionality.

White people also encourage these, maybe a little less especially in education and the than Hispanics while black people seem to be the lesser family orientated as fathers often do not raise the children and drugs and vice are their life style, the black scene.

If you are going to chose and be a loser then that is what you are. In the old days it was said that if it looks, walks, sounds like a duck, it probably is. This means black people should repent and black fathers raise their sons and daughters, teach them to respect elders and education, they are their own masters, I would like to see blacks in general move up and be better leaders in America.


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House votes to RELEASE the ‘troubling,’ ‘shocking’ FISA MEMO; Deep State PANICS — The National Sentinel

“The four-page memo has being described by GOP lawmakers as ‘shocking,’ ‘troubling’ and ‘alarming’ with one congressman likening the details to KGB activity in Russia”

via House votes to RELEASE the ‘troubling,’ ‘shocking’ FISA MEMO; Deep State PANICS — The National Sentinel

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Trump WINS! — Helena

When Trump took office: 1) The DOW had plunged to 17,400. It now stands at 26,071. A gain of 54% in one year! 2) The unemployment rate dipped from 4.6% to 4.1%. A drop of about 10%. 3) The GDP Growth Rate for the year 2016 was 1.6%. For the first year of Trump’s office, […]

via Trump WINS! — Helena

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