Oh, Mr Yu has been caught up in the cause of the bee, seems our little winged sweet honey makers are in stress due to the new syndrome called colony hive collapse syndrome.

Worker bees are disloyal male bees, often casting them out of the hive when rations are low and in winter.

Worker bees are infertile females. Bees exposed to pesticides do not always die right away but become ill, they get lots of mites in their thorax and die from lack of Oxygen do to blockage of their airway and the damage the mite cause.

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Please Fund US. Marine Corps Jesus


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Church of The Marine Corps Jesus


My vision is of a church that is dedicated to sharpening men, easing our women, establishing upright morales among our children and our people.

We shall learn to shave as men again and make America Great, Greater and Greatest Again. We cut off the dead form us, Aaron stands in between the living and the dying. Them who do not repent of sin and accept Jesus the Jew as their personal savior and bow to Jehovah the God of the Jew,s are not ours and we do not associate with them or allow them to advocate their about ours.

We will grow and raise our food local to the best and most we are able, we will feed our inner churches, the yearly enlisted 100 men accepted to the inner church of any of our churches. These are our labor workers of our Church. We will tend to sponsor and promote only our own of values we have barber set in our churches barber shop.  We are at war against those who promote the idea that allah is any real god and that muhammad has any uprightness and or wellness. The reason being these also support muhammad who calls them to force us to worship allah and respect muhammad and we shall never do that but shall protect ourselves against all who support allah and muhammad.

We will cut them off and shave them by bias, we will not sale to them or buy from them to the best of our ability even against the federal government bias towards them against us for fighting them and their allowing them to exist about or near our lands the whole USA and every state of it and all its supporters.

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