Go Go All American

Barbershop rules

I would like to see us Americans return to the custom of pistol pace duels of honor between males. Lawsuits are time consuming and boring.


America is the BarberShop of The World. We are the ones that spice up the Jew and set Israel in her City the Capitol Jerusalem,


We do so as Super Men, we are the Top and we endorse the less evil and bias the more evil. I am for sales wit Israel to be a means for trade to the west.

The West is for the King of The Jews aka Jesus, Jehoshua, Yahweh, the man from Mary the Virgin that Joseph the Upright did marry. The same the Romans set as King on Slaying him who rose in white light and increasing glory and is with God in Heaven about beyond.

We are under God, that man,s God, the God of Moses and Abraham, we are not pagans but Christian and Jew, we detest all others. As Americans we are for moderation and allow less desired claimed haiths unless they break laws and are adverse on us. Moderation is the call of Jesus so we strive to be so.


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