Raising Funding

   Raising Funding for ny Church, Church of The Marine Corps Jesus and the building of our first church and infrastructure. 

Our church will be held in a REVIVAL TENT upon land that is leased to us by benefactors in the community who support our community and church, tasks and goals.

I envision the church to be a major influence to locals. When not in service, the church tent should assist to house homeless in the group of families, individuals and groups. To provide temporary housing only and subject to conformities from the homeless clients. I see us to feed, bed, feed and preach and guide them.

I envision the Tent in the same compound as the other temporary and movable buildings for the reason we will not own any land in the church save what is granted for use by social benefactors.

Our church will have an internal group of church functioning members, an external group of church functioning members and a external group of non church members who conform and support us to degrees we will service them.

Because of the bias we exercise as Christians and Americans in our church and federal opposition, we are specific about whom we are service selecting for service from us.

We service US, our Church members men, our internal members men and our external members men above others and for the objective of serving the others. We will provide service to the public without any racial bias, age bias to the degree the law sets, man or woman bias, though our church has ABC laws, meaning we regulate Appearance, Bearing and Conduct of all persons entering our grounds about us and our people so as to remove what we find offensive from us.

My church is active in fighting to have any person, man or woman, living or dead who is notoriously judged wicked and evil by us, unholy and against us, but is supported and backed by people who also announce they are by that person commanded to fight us and make us honor, respect, worship that god or man. These are our enemies and we will take up our arms to defend us and ours. We will work hard to supply food at low prices to us, we will work hard to reduce our carbon print and fight against persons who are publicly un-american or anti-american, anti-jewish, anti-christian, pro muhammad pro allah, pro any form of making us respect their god that is not ours and prophets that are not ours.

  We will gather as men to sharpen us up. Thus the Barber Shop is a vital part of our churches operations because we shave more then skin, we shave sin repeatedly. We evaluate one and another and selves and vote on what we may and may not do and have and overall control our lives as in a military civil boot camp for 360 days of the year.

We allow only certified men into our UNIT OF 100 by reason of blood testing XY. We do not allow females into our outer church unit either and any found will be fully  cast out of the places of our control. We are about men making men for JEHOVAH AND JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD TRUE.

 We eat and raise our own livestock in town under the ordinances allowed and we promote people and assist them to do so for themselves, offering to them animal sitting, humane slaughter, exchange of meat for another etc. We use the meat we raise in the Bistro and on carts for food sales. We Use it in delivered foods to homes in service and church members. We raise vegetables, fruits, herbs, we are all about organic gardening and inner city yard garden cooperatives for lower food costs and better food and reduction of our communities carbon foot prints.

At a large acreage that leaser donates us with contracted lease allowing us to use it so many years… then we will set up our Tent Church, Barracks for Our 60 Barber Men, our 20 Bistro Men and 20 Beasts Men. Our Reception area/recreational area for our inner church and others we permit as we see fit. Our large gardens, often covered, conserving water, compost and animal manures from the many animals, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, etc we tend and use in our self helping.

Every 7th day from 12 noon on friday to 12 noon on saturday we close and prepare for the service we have on saturday and from early on 0000 to 12 am we have service open. We have a pulpit and an altar. Our alter is with 4 horns and our pulpit is able to hold many men. The two are close to each other. We have a womans, and a mens, quire. We have a seat area for women of our church, families of our church et all as well as the public inquisitive. We have a pizza deck over the barbershop that duals as a bomb shelter.  Wood fired pizza oven bakes breads as well, Kaiser rolls with onion and poppy seeds. Wood our Wood Men get for the mountains and town where they take free wood, also we sale it. We sale garden support, yard cleaning, we sale herbs and give advice without liability but with cited sources. We support healthy life styles, food, exercise, rest, prayer, study, adherence to rules, regulations and customs, pride for morale, morality of Americans, 1920s,30,s to 50s. We reject the changes democrat progressive have instituted and seek to revoke them.

The Bistro will have rooms with themes of American Patriotism in one, Oriental, Hispanic, HillBilly Haven, outside The Hemet Riviera, The Victorians and the Squad Quad. History of veterans of many races in America contributions and culture and food, a common love of Jehovah and Jesus and good uprightness.

We shall set an area by the schools for the Bistro that allows police and other authorities a place of honor and communications, also 24 hour open save 12 to 12 fri noon to saturaday 1 PM opens. The place will be a safe place for bullied children as in safe hand police summons point. Our men will not allow violence to children in our bistro or barbershop and that means by any including other children.

The vision I see is that of a community church and business of church men united and supporting a closed assistance to such good people and excluding wicked. We oppose illegal aliens as wicked, our desire is to see our armed forces detailing harassment to illegals caught at the border or shipped back. Maybe we should advocate for an American Boot Act to detail some belt strap beatings to the illegals prior to sending back to nations of origin and or hard labor working for no pay at all in chain gangs. We support Mexico’s Traditional Mexican People who are single familiy farmers and herdsmen. We oppose the gangs, the government and military of Mexico.

We oppose the buying of land by person in foreign lands and seek to have the land seized for use by Americans of American Fathers and American Mothers. We seek to end trade with China, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Gaza Strip, Mexico due to factors we consider them enemies of us Americans and demand war on them.