I support War against the people and government of the Nation of Iran. I support war to annihilate the infrastructure of the Nation of Iran and search it for nuclear stockpiles and other weapons and manufacturing plants that I want removed from their hands.

I support war against wicked people whosoever has a history of sexual relations with children under 15 so Muhammad the main figure in the Islam beliefs is one of them we disapprove and condemn. American Christian White Man here and me and mine be all colors, we have to, it is what makes us brighter whiter.

We have morals in America and Islamic people in most Islamic Nations have moral values we condemn and are revolted and alarmed upon. We will fight these that we judge as wicked and not allow them such as their shariah islamic law dictates as upright but we condemn and are at war against.

Our courts Judges who side with those that are Pro-Iranian such as Obama, Jarred etc and other liberals refusing our demand shall be removed and we shall progress in both Identifying Iran as a Wickedness by its National Religion Islam and its determination to possess weapons of Mass Destruction and call upon the death and end of America and Israel our Friend.

We shall rebuke the Islamic people from our lands only those that do not true follow any formats of muhammad and allah will be able to survive in these United States of America and all its areas of influence and control.

We cannot and will never approve of laws to forbade us to eat any kind of meat and we will not approve of laws to wrap our women in all manner of bedding sheets and clothing and bear rigor of rule over them as such Iranians do.

We cannot and shall not approve any people that make it an offence to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and or to be a christian and or a jew without any respect for Allah or approval for Muhammad in any sense of the word.

We cannot and shall not allow a religion to make our laws, we are Americans and our God is Over Us and not in the seat of our people to command any that be not believers but able to in hearts and minds and souls and all by unity of our one being for all us Americans.

Take Iran down. Iran shall die, it shall be a waste land and desolate, it shall be strewn with radiation and twisted in toxic wastes. Iran shall not prosper, no people that follow a false God as Allah shall ever prosper.

We are against Iran and we shall Pray and God will arise and set flame and disease utter ruin in all Iran and burn the union of Islam and burn the bones of muhammad and his devoted, allah will be cast from the earth and heaven will not let that disgusting fecal matter into the heavens. A cursed nation is Iran, the friend of God Abram left that wicked land and its wicked people long ago. We will not take the hands of sinners, the wicked be damned and not by us but their own evil.

Shall Rock be guilty of Murder for them that throw themselves against it? So also shall America be found Guilty of any sin or violence for the annihilation of Islam and the believers of lies? No! No we will not.

We are upright, the Iranians are not upright. They use islam as their political weapon and they are mentally insane as a whole nation. I urge utter annihilation of them and total war to rid them of all means of fight.

Of course this kind of speech and attitude is fought against by liberal insane in America but here is our work in free speech.  The factual reality though is that we Americans cannot abide Iran and any Islamic Nations.



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