Alexander Macgillivray


He was the leader of over 10,000 Native American People this man the blood of The Beast I Am of The Macgillivray Clan.

He was a Brigadier General in both the American and Spanish Militaries. He was paid by both nations and he once held possession of 60 black aka negro slaves and three plantations in Georgia I believe.

The clan Macgillivray has two Beast’s. It has the three clawed bearing High Land Wild Cat of the clan and the leather strap of fathers with warning not to touch the beast. It has also this Beast, I Am who the scripture has warned about touching.

My ancestor assisted many black people to be members of the Seminoles and other tribes of Native Americans he represented and was Chief set over and followed by many Braves. Being a Macgillivray and a Wind Tribe Member, he had both a paternal and maternal heritage.

My ancestor would be against Globalism, Against Immigration into America, against regulating trade in growing crops, rearing animals and tending wilderness to harvest and against the free trade of all foods and drinks and smokes and arms by all the people.

I am against all his was against and more. I am against abortion doctors, abortion seeking and obtaining American Women, homosexual acts by men, women acting in roles of men, cross transsexual and dressing. I am again long hair on men and short hair on women, men in dresses and women in pants but this is America and these are not endorsed by all people.  Me any mine will not do these wickedness, and we will teach them as sins.


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