Americans Actually Love Trump


    Oh how we put up with the perverted left wing seditionists. I damn all newspapers owners and workers. They report such false and fully untruthful bull shit. 

They hate the fact that Americans are majority Christian and Conservative. It angers the progressives that no one is on their side in the majority of us Americans. It is not our desire to see our government repent from exterminating illegals among us. We hate them.  It is also our desire to fight all muhammadism and get rid of them world wide. All the majority of news support a counter view and push it but it is not true and it is not happening.

Oohrah for us Americans that love our Guns, and love hunting and love protecting our homes most defensively. Oohrah to us Americans who reject vile paganists like Islamics and allow others who are not promoting anti-Americanism.

Hispanic and Black Americans as well as Asians all others save immigrants, illegals and islamics are for US the USA. Democrats suck and promote only the vilest beings.



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