Return the War against Left

 I am pissed. I want punishment for Obama and all these anti-american ccoksucking traitors.  I want them put to death. I want to see Americans fight their local city and state and demand the utter end to all scum bag illegal aliens in America. I want a campaign against ISLAM and I want ISLAMICS banned for these United States of America. I want my nation THE USA, to make WAR against ALL ISLAMICS WORLDWIDE.

I am eagerly willing to risk my life, to be killed in the fight. I will not stand for ISLAM about me or mine, such a vile wicked cult I will set about and kill its people I promise. I also will kill Illegals from whatever nation they come and lay curses on their nations as well.

I will not have peace with such demons, people of such a vile existence do not matter.

Wicked are the Americans who arm ISIS to fight ASSAD. I beseech God to curse them now and later. 

 Us Americans do not deal with terrorists, the islamics are all about terrorism. They have laws in islamic nations that harm christians and jews, they they follow muhammad a most vile wicked dead arab and his arab god allah the lie of arabia. I want to attack Arabia and slay all who praise muhammad. I want make Mecca a pig raising city and disperse all muslims apart or just kill them all,some 1.6 billion of them, I say fight the vile wicked muslims and let them not be near us.

We Americans are upright souls, Christ is in Us and God is his Head. Begone from us you wicked people of the wicked world, America is not any part of you.

You are wicked that sneak across our borders and eat from our resources. You are wicked and against you, in the land you are in, shall come invaders and take your food from you. They will be demonic demons and enslave you in the pain you so well deserve, so I swear, I am The Beast Six Six Six Of The Lord Of Hosts.

Fight America, kick ass on the Judges and Leaders who refuse to obey our way and laws, our spirit and care. Damn them, pray God curse the wicked and sweep them away. Fight, refuse to comply to the laws they have no right to make. Laws like buying a permit to work on your own property. Damn them nationwide and stomp them, tar and feather the S.O.B.s.



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